Board of Directors Meetings

  1. Statement of Policy: The purpose of Board of Directors meetings is to enable the Board of Directors to conduct Association business.

    The meetings are open to all homeowners to attend and listen, but not to participate in the business meeting. There will be no recording devices, audio or visual, allowed during or prior to the meetings.

    The Board reserves the right to change the location, date, and/or time of the meeting without notice except to the Board members.

    Any homeowner desiring to verify the time and place of the rescheduled meeting should contact a board member.

  2. There will be an open homeowners forum thirty (30) minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting.

  3. After the meeting is called to order by the chairperson, all homeowners are welcome to remain at the meeting, however, the homeowners are not participants in the meeting and may not make comments or interrupt the meeting.

  4. This policy became effective September 1, 1999, and remains in effect until rescinded by resolution and approved by the Board of Directors.

Note: Effective January 2003 it is no longer required that homeowners call and request to be put on the Agenda for addressing the Board at the upcoming meeting.