Lots & Common Property

  1. Each lot must be used exclusively for permanent residential dwelling purposes (Article VI, Section I).
  2. Nothing is to be kept or stored in the Common Properties (Article VII, Section 2).
  3. No waste shall be committed to the Common Properties; please clean up after yourself and your animals. Trash cans must be placed out-of-sight by the evening of the same day of pick-up (Article VII, Section 3).
  4. No signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view, except those with Board Approval (Article VII, Section 4).
  5. Nothing shall be done that may be or become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to the other owners (Article VII, Section 5).
  6. No permanent attachments shall be made to the roof or walls of any home, unless approved by the Board (Article VII, Section 6).
  7. Each owner shall be liable to the Association for any damage to the Common Properties caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of a owner (Article VII, Section 7).
  8. No animals may be allowed, except for dogs, cats, or other household pets provided they do not create a nuisance (Article VII, Section 9).
  9. No storage of materials and equipment is allowed except for normal residential requirements (Article VII, Section 10).
  10. Parking of motorized vehicles:

    1. Garages, carports, and parking spaces must be used exclusively for the parking of currently licensed and operational passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, mini-vans, vans up to 3/4-ton, and pickup trucks up to 3/4-ton.
    2. Trucks and vans larger than 3/4-ton, motor vehicles not currently licensed or not currently operational, trailers, campers, motor homes, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, or any vehicle other than passenger vehicles may not be parked on any lot or elsewhere within the properties, except in a closed garage not visible from the exterior of such garage.
    3. Passenger vehicles only may be parked in designated parking spaces located in the Common Properties for a period not to exceed twenty-four (24) consecutive hours.
    4. Boat, jet skis, and all other waterborne vehicles and trailers must be in a closed garage or area specifically designated by the Board of Directors.
    5. No repair work, dismantling, or assembling of motor vehicles, machinery, or equipment is permitted on any street, driveway or any portion of the Properties.
    6. The use of motor bikes, motorcycles, motor scooters, 'go carts', and other similar vehicles within the Properties is subject to the authority of the Board to deny or prohibit by reason of noise or fumes or if it constitutes a nuisance (Article VII, Section 11).
  11. Owner shall at all times keep, maintain, and repair his/her lot and the improvement located thereon, keeping the same in good condition, utility and repair in a sanitary, healthful, and attractive manner (article VII, Section 12).
  12. Any infraction of the above Rules and Regulations are subject to incremental fines of $25.00 first infraction, $50.00 second infraction and $100.00 third infraction and thereafter. Any fines not paid will result in a lien being filed against the property. Owners will be held liable for their tenant's actions.
  13. All owners and occupants shall abide by any rules and regulations adopted by the Board (Article VII, Section 8).