The Broadway Village pool facility is available for reservation by resident homeowners in good standing for recreational purposes only. At no time shall the reserving party sublease or assign the rental to another party or organization. Resident tenants wishing to rent the facility must have written authorization from their landlord or present the Board with a copy of a lease agreement stipulating that the Landlord is willing to take responsibility for any damages and fines that may result consequential to the pool facility rental.

Reservations do not preclude other resident homeowners from utilizing the pool; but does include exclusive use of the cabana.

A party is a residence hosting:

  1. 5 or more non-resident adults. (A non-resident adult is anyone age 18 + who cannot show proof of residencein the BVHOA.)
  2. 5 or more swimmers age 17 or less per adult resident.
  3. Any group of individuals within the pool facility numbering 8 or more.

Rental Fees

  1. Holidays and Holiday Weekends (Saturday - Sunday): $75.00 [$55.00 (nonrefundable fee) + $20.00 (refundable deposit)]
  2. Weekends (Saturday - Sunday): $50.00 [$30.00 (nonrefundable fee) + $20.00 (refundable deposit)]
  3. Weekdays Monday - Friday: $35.00 [$20.00(nonrefundable fee) + $15.00 (refundable deposit)]

Payment for rental of facility is due upon making the reservation. A reservation does not exist until a reservation formis signed and the fee + deposit paid. Deposits are returned after inspection of the facility by a designated Pool Committee/Board member.


Reservations may be made by residents age 21 or older. Reservations are subject to the availability of a Pool Committee/Board Member to make a post-rental inspection. The more lead time you give, the better chance a Member can be scheduled to conduct an inspection.

The person signing for the reservation must agree:
(1) To accept responsibility for damages and fines resulting from misconduct.
(2) To be present for the duration of the scheduled rental.

The reservation is for a 3-hour continuous block of time.


The pool facility should be vacated 15 minutes prior to the end of the rental period for inspection. If leaving early, the Renter should notify a designated Pool Committee/Board Member that the pool area is ready for inspection. If the area is clean and in good order, the Member will return the deposit check at that time. If the renter leaves the facility prior to inspection, and problems are later found to exist, the deposit is forfeited.

NOTE: Residents hosting the party must be vigilant to misconduct of others who may be present and report the misconduct immediately! Arguments that non-party individuals caused the damage will not be heard nor given consideration in regards to the return of a deposit.


  1. All pool rules are in effect.
  2. Entrance Gate must remain closed and locked.
  3. Loud music and revelry must conform to City Codes with respect to noise.
  4. No reservation will extend past 9:45 P.M.
  5. Grilling is NOT permitted within the facility. The only permissible open flame would be candles on a cake.
  6. Metal utensils are not permitted.
  7. Pool Committee/Board Members are authorized to determine unacceptable behavior of individuals on the premises and may request offender(s) to leave and/or cancel the reservation with no refund.


A full fee refund + deposit will be given in cases of inclement weather or the facility was not requested by another party on the same day and time. If another party requested the facility; but where denied due to your reservation, they will be contacted and offered your slot. If they accept, your refund and deposit will be made in full. If they deny, then 75% of your fee + your full deposit will be refunded.

Effective 6/15/2012